What is joint preservation surgery?

The concept of arthroscopic joint preservation of the hip is fairly new and highly specialized: only few hip arthroscopy departments in the UK offer this service. The aim is to preserve the normal anatomy without taking away structures or parts of structures that have an important function for the hip. In femoroacetabular impingement , the most common hip condition in adults, we see excess bone either or both on the socket (acetabulum) or thighbone (femur). The excess bone causes impingement and rubbing of the cartilage and labrum and, eventually, these structures will tear.

With FAI, the joint preservation concept consists of removing the excess bone, whilst in the mean time preserving the labrum and articular cartilage. Our experience with this technique following patients up after surgery has demonstrated much better results after a minimum of 2 years. A small zone of osteoarthritis in the socket can often be removed.

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